Centrifugal Air Compressor

The most efficient, reliable and highly accessible centrifugal compressor in a compact package centrifugal compressors feature superior design and engineering to deliver a reliable, economical supply of oil-free air for your plant or process needs. The compact package design makes every compressor easier to install, simple to operate and maintain, and more dependable.


Our Integrally Geared Centrifugal Compressors are delivered ready for operation, with all the required accessories, control and monitoring systems ready for connection to a basic framework or, in a sound-insulating enclosure.

The compact Turbo-compressor unit consists of the following items and assemblies:

Horizontally Split Gear box

The horizontally divided gearbox guarantees easy accessibility to all drive components. Designed for simple inspection of rotating parts and easy maintenance allows inspection or replacement of gears, bearings and seals by simply lifting a cover. No disassembly of process gas piping, heat exchangers or impellers is necessary.

Tilting pad bearings

The high speed pinion shaft runs in wear-free multi-segment tilting pad journal bearings. These bearings are working with totally contactless and have a high life expectancy and must not be exchanged in normal operation. The tilting pads eliminate force tips during load and unload and are non-sensitive for forces created by surge conditions.

Bull gear

The bull gear is high quality and reliable gear and connected directly to the compressor driver by a low speed coupling. Gears are high speed, precision helical-type designed to meet or exceed AGMA standards quality.

Thrust collars

The symmetry of the centrifugal design cancels out the bulk of power-robbing thrust loads.  Tapered thrust collars on the pinion shafts create an oil wedge which carries the small remaining net thrust to the bull gear where it is absorbed by a simple low speed thrust bearing. This reduces gearbox power losses to a minimum while maximizing mechanical integrity.

Sealing system

specially developed sealing system with contactless maze seals for maximum security. No contact and no friction results in a high life time. No increasing leak flow like in other sealing systems. Constant efficiency along the lifetime. Centrifugal compressor’s horizontally split, non-contacting labyrinth seals do not require periodic replacement because they are not subject to critical shaft wear nor do they require a buffer gas supply.

Rotor assembly

Each rotor assembly consists of a pinion shaft to which one or two impellers are attached. Pinion gears are hardened and precision ground (AGMA 13 quality) for longer life. Smooth, vibration-free operation is ensured through precision balancing of component parts, both individually and as completed assemblies.

Bull Gear & Pinions


Loss-free direct drive via a flexible coupling between compressor and drive motor. The coupling matches API 671.

The product line provides class-leading levels of performance and reliability while meeting the following specifications:

  • API 672 for packaged, integrally geared centrifugal compressors for petroleum, chemical and gas industry services
  • API 614 for lubrication systems
  • API 670 for machinery protection systems
  • API 671 for coupling systems

Integrally Geared Centrifugal Compressor